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Coach Jake Heath

JakeWhat inspired you to start doing CrossFit?
My routine was lifting at LA Fitness and running around the lakes in the summer.  I felt like I needed more coaching in my lifts and wanted to have more exciting conditioning during the winter.  I signed up only planning to stay for 6-12 months, but I ended up getting hooked.  Olympic lifting is very addicting for me, and I love the challenge of a good metcon.

What are some of your goals in the gym?
I want to complete King Kong:
3 rounds
1 Deadlift 455#
2 Ring Muscle-ups
3 Cleans 250#
4 Handstand push ups
What do you love most about coaching athletes?
I’m a nurse so a large part of me is always concerned with maximizing the health of those in my community. Because I don’t do bedside nursing anymore, I have to satisfy my urges for service and benefiting others by helping them reach their full athletic potential.  Health is definitely a continuum and if I can shift people away from bad eating and movement habits, they will have longer, healthier, happier lives.  Also, watching people lift big and hit their goals is a total rush and I am happy to be a part of it!
What advice would you give to a beginner CrossFit athlete?
Start slow and learn the basics.  You should try and do mobility every day if you are having trouble getting your body into the right position during workouts.  Also, be sure to go to open gyms.  Work on things that you love to do and get you excited to be in the gym and always work on at least one thing that you hate.  Sometimes you start to enjoy what you hated for a long time.  It only took me two and a half years to love double unders!
Which types of community work inspire you the most?
I keep myself pretty busy in the hospital, at the gym, and pursuing a masters, so sadly I am not involved in other community work at this point.  Giving people the tools to live healthy lives is amazing and I am very inspired by Hannah’s work with MERC teen program.
What do you like to do outside of the gym?
I like checking out new restaurants in the city. Eating great food and trying new cocktails is probably my favorite hobby besides throwing around bumper plates.

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